dig. tv antenna omnidirectional 360 compacte lte

dig. tv antenna omnidirectional 360 compacte lte

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Designed and made in Italy, with its exclusive design, uses cutting-edge technology to optimize the reception of digital TV signals DVB-T HD and radio DAB in VHF and UHF bands, ensuring the best reception of digital and analog TV signals. The combined antenna system, built in microstrip technology is supported by an external amplifier VHF-UHF with a low level of noise that allows the display of images even in adverse conditions of reception. For maximum viewing quality the sophisticated amplifier is totally shielded with a unique amplification that lets you adjust signal amplification in UHF avoiding unpleasant disorders due to factors of intermodulation and saturation. Is made from prestigious plastic materials to withstand the most adverse weather conditions and mounting the unit is quick and easy.

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